Fighting Holiday Anxiety with Cannabinoids

So this is the time of year that people all over travel to spend time with their families, but it can also be a very stressful time for many. There are many people that struggle with the anxiety of expectations and also depression. It's hard to feel "UP" when you don't have a family and feel very alone. 

This is when some turn to self medication whether it be prescription drugs or alcohol to help them cope. Did you know that a High CBD tincture can help? Cannabidiol has gone through many studies and trials with very promising results, here is a list from Project CBD's website that lists a number of PubMed studies and their results....yes, it's sometimes hard to read through all the abstract scientific language, but usually at the end there is a summary which is helpful!


So, if you suffer from life's stresses, social anxiety, panic attacks and also depression which for many is mulitplied this time of year, please check this information out and share it with the people you love!

Thank you Project CBD for the wonderful information you provide to the public to educate and give hope.



Pianta Tinta

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