Why Tinctures?

The natural occurring compounds found in plants are called phytochemicals and have been extracted using ethyl alcohol for use as medicinal remedies for a long, long time.  The ingredients in plants are highly soluble in alcohol and easily extracted, however cannabinoids are only significantly soluble in more concentrated ethanol solutions greater than 75% (150 proof) but ideally 190 proof should be used. With the 190 proof ethanol the cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids and other essential oils will be easily extracted.

Tinctures made with alcohol are generally better preserved than other types of tinctures due to the antibacterial nature of alcohol. They tend to be more stable and reliable over a long period of time with or without refrigeration. This lends itself to a very long shelf life. Another plus with using ethanol in our tinctures is that the alcohol when taken orally permeates the mucus membranes of the mouth and is delivered into the bloodstream. This is a much quicker delivery system than taking an edible and waiting for the digestive system and liver to break it down.