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I am passing this article along that I just saw on the website. It is a wonderful testimonial by a woman here in Northern California who made the choice to use alternative medicines over prescriptions for her brain tumor. A big thanks to Felicia for writing her story and sharing!!

I Chose CBD Oil Over My Doctor’s Prescription

MMJ Patient Testimonial: Felicia Accomazzo, Windsor, CA

Yes, you heard that correct. Felicia Accomazzo, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, said ‘No’ to modern medicine and went the alternative medicine route. And guess what? She is healing and feeling better than she did before! This is her story.

What medical condition have you been struggling with?

On June 15th of 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage One Pilocytic Astrocytoma. It’s a brain tumor that begins to develop early in one’s adolescent years. For years, I had been suffering from numerous neurological side effects and only recently discovered that this juvenile tumor was the cause this past year.

How long have you been experiencing your medical condition?

I’ve endured symptoms for the majority of my life. As early as 3 years old, I was getting severe headaches. I believe too that that was the time when the tumor began developing.

What do you believe caused this medical condition?

I actually believe it was exposure to the chemical, formaldehyde. I say this because I had a non-blood grandfather pass away from a massive brain tumor right around the time I began showing symptoms of headaches and he was heavily exposed to what is now a classified carcinogenic chemical, formaldehyde.

What medications have you been taking that was prescribed to you by your doctor?

When I was diagnosed with the brain tumor, I went through with a surgery. I had an incision along my head held together by 25 staples. I was put on medication to stop the hemorrhaging in my brain, to keep the swelling down, and to prevent seizures because they were concerned about that. The type of tumor that I was found to have was pressing on my cerebral glad and my brain stem, which made me nausea and caused me to vomit. Since the surgery, in terms of treatment, I no longer continued with traditional medicine. I have taken absolutely no medication from my doctor, I won’t accept it. I refused to agree to more chemo or radiation.

I have taken absolutely no medication from my doctor, I won’t accept it. I refused to agree to more chemo or radiation.

I wanted to hear what the doctors had to say, but I always knew that taking on medication like that would not be the treatment method I would choose.

What type of alternative medicine have you tried aside from your doctor’s recommendation?

I have experimented with countless forms. I began with the foundation of nutrition; I knew what I was putting in my body was important to my health and so I went the vegan route and have committed to juicing often. In my research on alternative medicine, I was reading about people doing hydrogen peroxide therapy which is when you ingest 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide in distilled water. The idea behind this is that it creates oxygenated cells in your body and the idea behind cancer is that it cannot survive in an oxygenated body. So, I have been practicing that off and on for quite some time. I am also doing essential oils; I am making my own capsules of certain types of oils like frankincense to heal my cancer by detoxifying my body.

And lastly and rather importantly, I am taking CBD oils which I cannot say enough about. My preferred method of taking cannabidiol is inhalation, smoking it with a CBD vaporizer. Originally, I had been smoking marijuana, but found myself concerned with the toxic effects of the carcinogens you ingest when doing so. It was then that I switched to a vaporizer; instead of smoke, it emits water vapors which is much smarter and healthier option for patients battling cancer. You need to take care of yourself and stay far away from carcinogens.

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How long have you been using alternative medicine?

I have used these methods of alternative medicine since June 2013. I didn’t start using cannabis as my main healing regime until earlier this year in January. I had met with a doctor in my area that specialized in treating all different types of cancer with cannabis. In our first appointment he presented me with two case studies done on two different women, both around my age, both with the same type of cancer as I had at similar stages as mine, who, after 6 years of using cannabis, had scans that showed their tumor had completely disappeared. And so far, I’m on that track.

How have you felt since you started using the alternative medicine? Compared to your prescribed medications?

So, previously to knowing what exactly what was going on, I was experiencing headaches that were absolutely debilitating; I couldn’t even get up out of bed or else I would become overwhelmed with nausea and have to vomit. When I did the initial operation it did relieve some pain, but the minute I started using the CBD oils and essential oils was when I really began feeling the significant difference.

Before I go to bed, I take CBD capsules. They haven’t only helped me with my cancer, the CBD oils have also helped me with my skin, my acne, and my weight; I am in the best shape of my life and have a much greater sense of well-being. I really can’t credit all these differences in my body to anything else but to cannabis oil because I know it’s making my body work the way it’s supposed to work. It is repairing my cells and giving me a new sense of well-being and happiness that makes me wake up wanting to live that day to the fullest.

I really can’t credit all these differences in my body to anything else but to cannabis oil because I know it’s making my body work the way it’s supposed to work.

Do you think you will continue with using alternative medicine?

Most definitely. I will be using it until my tumor doesn’t show up on that scan. Actually, I believe I will continue using it even after that. Cannabidiol supports both healing and your general health.

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