High CBD Tincture- 4.5:1 AC/DC


High CBD Tincture- 4.5:1 AC/DC


Strain: AC/DC, sativa dominant, hybrid, flowers

Total CBD per 1oz bottle is 561 mg!!  Ratio: 4.5:1 CBD/THC

1/2 oz = $49    1 oz = $99

Premium grade, alcohol based whole plant tincture. Tinctures make dosing easy and efficient! Can be effective for pain, inflammation, spasms, anxiety, depression, cancer, neurological issues, seizure disorders and much more....

18.71 mg/ml CBD

4.06 mg/ml THC

0.69 mg/ml CBC

0.50 mg/ml CBG

0.13 mg/ml THCV

0.10 mg/ml CBN

Lab Tested: CW Analytical Labs


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