High CBD Tincture- CD-1 Candida


High CBD Tincture- CD-1 Candida


Strain: Candida (CD-1), sativa dominant hybrid

A new strain that has up to 20% CBD and less than 1% THC. In latin, Candida means "bright light".

Candida CD-1 is a cross between AC/DC and Harlequin.  It can be helpful for people with seizure disorders, anxiety, pain, inflammation, neurological issues and much more.

CBD15.6 mg/mL

THC 1.00 mg/mL

CBN0.088 mg/mL

Beta Myrcene 1.10mg/mL


Lab Tested: Steep Hill- 10/12/17

1/2 fl.oz/ 15ml   $49

1 fl.oz/ 30ml   $99


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Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa L. (strain: Candida (CD-1), flowers, 190 proof non-gmo ethyl alcohol.