High THC Tincture - Critical Mass

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High THC Tincture - Critical Mass


Strain: Critical Mass, Indica,  Flowers

Premium grade, alcohol based whole plant tincture. Tinctures make dosing easy and efficient! Critical Mass is a Indica strain and is helpful with Insomnia, pain, stress and depression.

THC25 mg/mL

THCA0.24 mg/mL

CBD0.079 mg/mL

CBG0.66 mg/mL

CBN0.63 mg/mL

Lab Tested: Steep Hill

Warning: Can be psychoactive in large doses

1/2 fl.oz/ 15ml   $49

1 fl.oz/ 30ml   $99


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Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa L. - Strain: Critical Mass, Indica- Flowers, 190 proof food grade ethyl alcohol