CD1-MedSyn - High CBD Tincture

High CBD tincture-CD1
High CBD tincture-CD1

CD1-MedSyn - High CBD Tincture

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Strain: MedSyn (AC/DC), CD-1 Candida , sativa dominant hybrids

Total CBD per 1 oz bottle = 180 mg

Please note that this tincture is not as concentrated as the other tinctures on this page.

It can be helpful for people with seizure disorders, anxiety, pain, inflammation, neurological issues and much more.

CBD   6 mg/ml

CBDa  2.8 mg/ml

CBG  0.46 mg/ml

THC   4.8 mg/ml

THCa   0.66 mg/ml

Lab Tested: Steep Hill- 2/22/18

1/2 fl.oz/ 15ml   $25

1 fl.oz/ 30ml   $50

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Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa L. flowers, Strain: CD-1 (Candida),  MedSyn (AC/DC), 190 non gmo ethyl alcohol.