Super 50/50 Tincture- AC/DC


Super 50/50 Tincture- AC/DC


Strain: AC/DC, sativa dominant hybrid, flowers

Total CBD per 1oz bottle is 261 mg, Total CBDa is 123mg and Total THC is 222mgRatio: 1:1 CBD/THC

1/2 oz = $40    1 oz = $80

Premium grade, alcohol based whole plant tincture. Tinctures make dosing easy and efficient! This 1:1 ratio tincture with a good amount of CBDa can be helpful with pain, nerve pain, inflammation, muscle tightness, depression, nausea and anxiety.

8.7 mg/mL CBD

7.4 mg/mL THC

4.1 mg/mL CBDa

0 mg/ml CBC

0 mg/ml CBG

0 mg/ml THCV

0 mg/ml CBN

Lab Tested: Steep Hill Labs

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Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa L. (strain: AC/DC, sativa dominant hybrid, flowers), Ethyl Alcohol non-gmo (190 proof)