Aurora-Wonder -Super High THC tincture

High THC tincture-Aurora Wonder
High THC tincture-Aurora Wonder

Aurora-Wonder -Super High THC tincture


Strain: Aurora Indica & Wonder Woman - Indica Hybrid Flowers

Ratio THC/CBD 96:1

Total THC per 1 oz bottle 543 mg!

Premium grade, alcohol based whole plant tincture. Aurora Indica and Wonder Woman are both Indica strains useful for stress, pain, sleep, nausea and depression.

THC  18.1 mg/ml

THCa  0.41 mg/ml

CBD  0.188 mg/ml

CBG  0.80 mg/ml

CBN  0.27 mg/ml

Lab Tested: Steep Hill Labs

Warning: Can be psychoactive in large doses

1/2 fl.oz/ 15ml   $49

1 fl.oz/ 30ml   $99

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Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa L., flowers, strains: Aurora Indica and Wonder Woman, 190 Non-Gmo Ethyl Alcohol